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The Keymap Editor dialog is accessed from the Keymap Editor toolbar button Generate/button-keymapeditor.gif or from the Keymap Editor... command on the Tools menu. The Keymap Editor allows you to modify keymaps. You can make changes to the keymap currently selected in the Terminal/Emulation category of the Session Options dialog, or you can load and modify other keymaps.

SecureCRT provides built-in keymaps for the ANSI, Linux, SCO ANSI, VShell, VT100, VT102, VT220, WYSE50, and WYSE60 terminal emulations. You can also create custom keymap files by saving modifications made with the Keymap Editor as a new file. Keymap files are saved with the extension .key.

Unlike the Mapped Keys function, which only changes key associations for the session in which the keys were mapped, built-in and custom keymaps can be used by multiple sessions by setting the Select an alternate keyboard emulation to the same keymap.

Keymap Editor dialog

Keymap Editor Dialog


The top part of the Keymap Editor dialog is a representation of a physical keyboard. By clicking on a key in the keyboard area, you can see if the key is mapped to an action (displayed in the Selected key maps to field) or select it for mapping. This area also provides check boxes for Alt, Ctrl, and Shift modifiers that you can add to key combination selections.

Note: The ALT+F6 key combination is reserved in Windows and cannot be mapped.

Selected key maps to

This field displays any action to which the selected key is mapped.

Map Selected Key...

After selecting a key in the keyboard area above, click on this button to open the Map Selected Key dialog. In that dialog you can map the selected key to one of the listed actions.

Map Next Key...

Click on this button to map a key using your physical keyboard. After you click on this button and press the key (or key combination) that you want to map, the Map Selected Key dialog will open allowing you to select the action that you want mapped to the specified key.

Unmap Selected Key

Click on this button to remove the mapping of the selected key from the keymap.


Click on this button to save your modifications to the keymap currently in use.

Save As...

Click on this button to save your modification to a keymap other than the one currently in use.


Click on this button to load an existing keymap for editing. To edit the keymap being used by the current session, you do not have to load the keymap.


Click on this key to close the Keymap Editor.